Rister International Martial Arts
For the educated/skilled Martial Artist as well as the beginner

Our school is dedicated to the study of combat martial arts.

We offer classes in:

New Class: We now teach children On Saturdays 11:AM Stop By And Try A class.

  • Combat Wing Chun
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu (the training method/internalization)
  • Kali-Eskrima-Suntokan-Pangamut-Silat
  • Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu & Jeet Kune Do
  • Maphlindo Silat & Madjapihit Martial Arts
  • Self-defense (Close Quarter Combat)
  • Instructor Certification (all Areas)

    We have the best of both worlds in the art.  We have the old school "burn it in" approach combined with the new attitude approach to letting the student learn their way.  We offer all the old school drills and training methods as well as innovative training with new gear and methods.  So, whether you are into the no-nonsense approach or the old school way, we have you in mind.

    Our school is centrally located within the DFW area in a warehouse district in Irving, Texas.  We have a very spartan facility and teach effective methods and means to survive real life threats.  We train FBI and Law Enforcement Officers, experienced martial artists and the beginner.  Give us a call and train with the best. 

    Feel free to contact us via

        Phone:    (972) 768.2721

        Email:     SifuGuroJon@aol.com

    Visit our page on Facebook  www.facebook.com/RisterMartialArts